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Vol.13 No.3&4 Dec 2017 ABSTRACT DOI:


Next Generation Networks (NGN) and Services


Editorial (181-182)
Brahim Ouhbi

Enhanced QoS Management SDN-Based in IMS with QoE Evaluation (183-196)
Sara Khairi, Brahim Raouyane, and Mostafa Bellfakih

A Novel Anomaly Intrusion Detection Based on SMO Optimized by PSO with Pre-Processing of Data Set (197-209)
Mehdi Moukhafi, Khalid El yassini, and Seddik Bri
GENAUM:  New Semantic Distributed Search Engine (210-221)
Ichrak Saif, Abdelaziz Sdigui Doukkali, Adil Enaanai, and El Habib Benlahmar
Coupling and Annotated Corpus and a Lexicon for Amazigh POS Tagging (222-232)
Samir Amri, Lahbib Zenkouar, and Mohamed Outahajala
Sentiment Classification of Arabic Tweets: A Supervised Approach (233-243)
Naaima Boudad, Rdouan Faizi, Richard O. Haj Thami, and Raddouane Chiheb
A Map-Matching Based Approach to Compute and Modelize NLOS and Multipath Errors for GNSS Positioning in Hard Areas (256-269)
Bassma Guermah, Tayeb Ssadiki, Hassan el Ghazi, Serge Reboul, and Esmail Ahouzi

Vol.13 No.1&2 Sept 2017 ABSTRACT DOI:

Data Intelligence in the Context of Big Data: A Survey (1-27)
Hicham M. Safhi, Bouchra Frikh, Badr Hirchoua, Brahim Ouhbi, and Ismail Khalil
Entropy Based Personalized Learning Management System (Pelms) – An Approach Towards Business and IT Education (28-42)
Dinesh Kumar Saini
Cultural and Psychological Factors in Cyber-Security (43-56)
Tzipora Halevi, Nasir Memon, James Levis, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, Sumit Arora,
Nikita Dagar, Fadi Aloul, and Jay Chen
Recognizing and Exploring Azulejos on Historic Buildings’, Facades by Combining Computer Vision and Geolocation in Mobile Augmented Reality Applications (57-74)
Carlos Santos, Tiago Araújo, Paulo Chagas Junior, Bianchi Meiguins, and Nelson Neto
SAHL: A Touchscreen Mobile Launcher for Arab Elderly (75-99)
Muna Al-Razgan and Hend S. Al-Khalifa

Vol.12 No.3&4 April 2017 ABSTRACT DOI:

A Scheduling Method for Switching Playback Speed in Selective Contents Broadcasting (181-196)
Daichi Fukui and Yusuke Gotoh
Intelligent Personal Health Devices Converged with Internet of Things Networks (197-212)
James J. Kang and Henry Larkin
When Game Theories Meets Security and Privacy Related Risk Assessment of Vehicular Networks (VANET) (213-224)
Sara Bahamou, Driss El Ouadghiri, and Jean-Marie Bonnin
Evaluating the Placement of Arm-Worn Devices for Recognizing Variations of Dynamic Hand Gestures (225-242)
Kathrin Kefer, Clemens Holzmann, and Rainhard Dieter Findling
A Comparison of Techniques for Cross-Device Interaction from Mobile Devices to Large Displays (243-264)
Jeni Paay, Dimitrios Raptis, Jesper Kjeldskov, Bjarke M. Lauridsen, Ivan S. Penchev, Elias Ringhauge, and Eric V. Ruder
Sparse Canonicial Correlation Analysis for Mobile Media Recognition on the Cloud
Yangjiang Wang, Bin Zhou, Weifeng Liu, and Huimin Zhang
A Variance Distortion Rate Control Scheme for combined Spatial-Temporal Scalable Video Coding (277-290)
L. Balaji, A. Dhanalakshmi, and C. Chellaswamy
Analysis and Evaluation of Feature Detection and Tracking Techniques Using Open CV with Focus on Markerless Augmented Reality Applications (291-302)
Gustavo Maglhaes Moura and Rodrigo Luis de Souza da Silva

Vol.12 No.1&2 April 2016 ABSTRACT DOI:

A Flexible Router with Tangible Network Interfaces for Sharing a Last Mile and its Performance (1-16)
Toshikazu Nishimura
A Scheduling Method for
Waiting Time Reduction in Area-based Broadcasting Considering Loading Time  (17-30)
Yusuke Gotoh and Tomoki Yoshihisa
CoreASM-based Evaluation of the N-AODV Protocol for MANETs
Alessandro Bianchi, Sebastiano Pizzutilo, and Gennaro Vessio
YOUPLAY: Designing Participatory Theatrical Performance Using Wearable Sensors
Naoya Isoyama, Masahiro Kinoshita, Ryo Izuta, Tsutomu Terada, and Masahiko Tsukamoto
Is Bluetooth Low Energy an Alternative to Near Field Communication
Wolfgang Narzt, Lukas Furtmuller, and Matthisa Rosenthaler
Multi-Platform Mobile Service Creation: Increasing Brand Touch-Points for Hotels
Elias Kärle and Anna Fensel
Clustering and Nearest Neighbour Based Classification Approach for Mobile Activity Recognition
Sulaimon Bashir, Daniel Doolan, and Andrei Petrovski
Structured-light-based Depth Reconstruction Using Low-light Pico Projector
Thomas Rittler, Florian Seitner, and Margrit Gelautz
Rapid Prototyping of a Mobile SAAS Application
A. Alamaki, A. Dirin, J. Huotari, and N. Korhonen
Privacy-Based Adaptive Context-Aware Authentication System for Personal Mobile Devices
Zhan Liu, Riccardo Bonazzi, and Yves Pigneur

Vol.11 No.3&4 Nov 2015 ABSTRACT DOI:

Virtual 3D Restoration of an Extinct Village and its Eye-Tracking Assessment (181-192)
Pavla Dedkova and Stanislav Popelka
Automatic Detection of Points of Interest Using Spatio-temporal Data Mining (193-204)
Anahid Basiri, Pouria Amirian, Stuart Marsh, and Terry Moore
Towards Activity Recognition of Learners in On-line Lecture (205-212)
Hiromichi Abe, Takuya Kamizono, Kazuya Kinoshita, Kensuke Baba, Shigeru Takano, and Kazuai Murakami 
A Secure-Aware Call Admission Control Scheme for Wireless Cellular Networks Using Fuzzy Logic and Its Performance Evaluation (213-222)
Takaaki Inaba, Donald Elmazi, Shinji Sakamoto, Tetsuya Oda, Makoto Ikeda, and Leonard Barolli 
A Cellular Automaton for Traffic Jam Caused by Railroad Crossing (223-236)
Kaoru Fujioka and Chihiro Suwa
Design and Implementation of Open Campus Event System with Voice Interaction Agent (237-250)
Takahiro Uchiya, Masaki Yoshida, Daisuke Yamamoto, Ryota Nishimura, Ichi Takumi
A Neural Network Based Intrusion Detection and User Identification System for Tor Networks: Performance Evaluation for Different Number of Hidden Units using Friedman Test (251-262)
Taro Ishitaki, Tetsuya Oda, Yi Liu, Donald Elmazi, Keita Matsuo, and Leonard Barolli
A Flexible Read-Write Abortion Protocol to Prevent Illegal Information Flow among Objects (263-280)
Shigenari Nakamura, Dilawaer Duolikun, Tomoya Enokido, and Makoto Takizawa
Performance Evaluation of High-Speed Communication Method by Compactification of Design Data (281-295)
Shuji Shoji and Akio Koyama
Emotion and Mood Recognition in Response to Video (296-312)
Dini Handayani, Abdul Wahab, and Hamwira Yaacob
Software Defined Radio for Audio Signal Processing in Project Based Learning (313-320)
Octarina Nur Samijayani, Dwi Astharini, and Ary Syahriar
Simple Blocking Oscillator Performance Analysis for Voltage Enhancement (321-329)
Dewanto Harjunowibowot, Restu Widhi Hastuti, Anif Jamaluddin, and Syubhan Annur
Zero Padding and Cyclic Prefix for OFDM on Multipath Rayleigh Fading Channel (330-338)
Dwi Astharini, Tyas Bastian, Rikah Mustika, Octarina Nur Samijayani, and Riri Safitri
SDR UAI, Virtual Machine for a Software Defined Radio Toolpack (339-345)
Winangsari Pradani, Firdus Mubarik, and Dwi Astharini

Vol.11 No.1&2 April 2015 ABSTRACT DOI:

A Mobile Omnidirectional Wheelchair: Its Implementation and Experimental Evaluation (1-9)
Keita Matsuo, Donald Elmazi, Yi Liu, and Leonard Barolli
Implementation and Evaluation of A Fuzzy-based Cluster-Head Selection System for Wireless Sensor Networks Considering Network Traffic (10-20)
Donald Elmazi, Keita Matsuo, Tetsuya Oda, Makoto Ikeda, and Leonard Barolli
Evaluation of a RFID-Based System of a Table Type Rfid Reader  (21-33)
Kiyotaka Fujisaki
Improving Reliability of JXTA-Overlay Platform: Evaluation for e-Learning and Trustworthiness (34-49)
Yi Liu, Shinji Sakamoto, Keita Matsuo, Makoto Ikeda, and Leonard Barolli
Performance Evaluation of Sightseeing Contents Considering Different Computer Skill and Devices (50-65)
Kaoru Sugita, Ken Nishimur, and Masao Yokota
An Interactive e-Learning System for Improving Students Motivation and Self-learning by Using Smartphones (66-74)
Noriyasu Yamamoto
Adaptive Remeshing for Edge Length Interval Constraining (75-89)
João Vitor de Sá Hauck, Ramon Nogueira Da Silva, Marcelo Bernardes Vieira,
and Rodrigo Luis de Souza da Silva
A Video Tensor Self-descriptor Based on Block Matching (90-102)
Helena Almeida Maia, Ana Mara De Oliveira Figueiredo, Fabio Luiz Marinho
De Oliveira, Virginia Fernandes Mota, and Marcelo Bernardes Vieira
Tracing Fast-Changing Landscape of Study on Big Data (103-118)
Weiguang Wang, Xi Zhang, Patricia Ordonez de Pablos, and Jinghuai She
Mobile and Multimedia Learning in Preschool Education (119-133)
Athanasios Drigas, Georgia Kokkalia, and Miltiadis D. Lytras
The TPACK Model to Prepare and Evaluate Lesson Plans: An Experience with Pre-service Teachers Using Social Networks and Digital Resources (134-146)
Maria Graciela Badilla Quintana and Diana Sabillón Zelaya
Mobile Learning and Higher Education: A Theoretical Overview (147-156)
Monica Aresta, Luis Pedro, and Carlos Santos
Fuzzy, Neural Network and Expert Systems Methodologies and Applications: A Review (157-176)
Ul Amin Rooh, AiJun Li, and Malik M. Ali

Vol.10 No.3&4 Nov 2014 ABSTRACT DOI:

Μοbile Learning and Multimedia Applications in Academia

Editorial (181-181)
Miltiadis D. Lytras and Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos
Research on Tablets Application for Mobile Learning Activities (182-193)
Eugenijus Kurilovas
Social Networks and the Construction of Identity in Digital Environments (194-205)
Mónica Aresta, Luis Pedro, Carlos Santos and António Moreira
Learning from Gaming: Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions (206-217)
Margarida Lucas
Social Media Utilization in B2B Networks' Organizational Learning -- Review and Research Agenda Proposal (218-233)
Elina Pettersson, Heli Aramo-Immonen, and Jari J. Jussila
Mobile Devices for Teaching English as a Second Language in Higher Education, the Case of DUOC in Chile
Eileen Sepúlveda Valenzuela, Maria G. Badilla Quaintana, and
Marcelo Careaga Butter
Query Types and Energy Consumption in Mobile Applications: an Experimental Study (244-251)
Na Wang, Puyuan Yang, Peiquan Jin, and Lihua Yue
Using Game Theory in Computer Engineering Education through Case Study Methodology: Kodak vs Polaroid in the Market for Instant Cameras (252-262)
Andres Faina, Jesus Lopez-Rodriguez, and Laura Varela-Candamio
The Affordances of Mobile Computing Devices in Collaborative Learning (263-272)
Ilias Hotzoglou

Other Research Article

The GRP Methodology: an Approach to Build Routes Based on Points of Interest (273-293)
A.M.Magdalena Saldaña, Miguel Torres, Oleksiy Pogrebnyak, Marco oMoreno, and Giovanni Guzman
Fusion of Visible Images and Thermal Image Sequences for Automated Facial Emotion Estimation (294-308)
Hung Nguyen, Fan Chen, Kazunori Kotani, and Bac Le
Full Body Adjustment Using Iterative Inverse Kinematic and Body Parts Correlation (309-326)
Ahlem Bentrah, Abdelhamid Djeffal, Mc Babahenini, Christophe Gillet, Philippe Pudlo, and Abdelmalik Taleb-Ahmed
Sleep Detection Using De-identified Depth Data (327-342)
Bjorn Kruger, Anna Vogele, Marouane Lassiri, Lukas Herwartz, Thomas Terkatz, Andreas Weber, Carmen Garcia, Ingo Fietze, and Thomas Penzel

Vol.10 No.1&2 May 2014 ABSTRACT  DOI:

Advanced Computing Issues in Data and Security Engineering

Editorial (1-2)
Tran Khanh Dang
A Path-Consistency based Algorithm for Anomaly Detection of Spatial Constraints in GeoXACML Policies (3-15)
Tuan Anh Dang and Tran Khanh Dang
Fault Resolution System for Inter-Cloud Environment (16-29)
Ha Manh Tran, Synh Viet Uyen Ha, Huynh Tu Dang, and Khoa Van Huynh
MDRAN: Multihop Disaster Recovery Access Network (30-42)
Quang Tran-Minh, Kien Ngyen, Eiji Kamioka, and Shigeki Yamada
Overlay upper Clothing Textures to Still Images based on Human Pose Estimation (43-57)
Quang-Song Le and Minh-Triet Tran

Inter Vehicular Communications Technologies, Protocols, and Applications

Editorial (58-59)
Driss El Ouadghiri, Mohamed Bakhouya, and Salim Bitam
Routing Optimization for VANET Communication (60-77)
My Driss Laanaoul and Said Raghay
Study of VDTN Routing Protocols Performances in Sparse and Dense Traffic in the Presence of Relay Nodes (78-93)
Maria Benamar, Sara Ahnana, Fatima Zahrae Saiyari, Nabil Benamar, Moulay Driss El Ouadghiri, and Jean-Marie Bonnin
Improving Delay Performance for Time-Critical Communications in VANET (94-106)
Dong Lai Sun, Hafssa Benaboud, Jianhua Li, and Noufissa Mikou
Geo-Social Mobility Model for VANET Simulation (107-127)
Nardine Basta, Amal El-Nahas, Hans-Peter Grossmann, and Slim Abdennadher
An In-Vehicle Embedded System for CAN-bus Events Monitoring (128-140)
Shichao Cai, Mohamed Bakhouya, Mohamed Becherif, Jaafar Gaber, and Maxime Wack
Field Measurements of an Urban Two-Tier Wireless Mesh Access Network: End-User Perspective (141-159)
Driss Benhaddou and Julian Naranjo

Other Research Article

Design of Disaster State Presentation System Using Ultra High Resolution Display(160-178)
Akira Sakuraba, Tomoyuki Ishida, Yasou Ebara, and Yoshitaka Shibata

Vol.9 No.3&4 March 1, 2014       ABSTRACT 
Next Generation Networks and Services

Editorial (171-172)
Abdelkrim Haqiq, Driss Bouzidi, and Amine Berqia

Use of TDM Pseudo-Wires for an Efficient NGN Emulation of ISDN Multi-Channel Circuit-Mode Bearer Services (173-188)
Javier Muñoz-Calle, Antonio J. Sierra, and Juan M. Vozmediano
Improvement Quality of the Recommendation System Using the Intrinsic Context (189-213)
Latifa Baba-Hamed and Reda Soltani
Goal Driven Approach to Model Interaction between Viewpoints of a Multi-view KDD Process (214-229) 
El Moukhtar Zemmouri, Hicham Behja, Brahim Ouhbi, Brigitte Trousse,
Abdelaziz Marzak, and Youssef Benghabrit
Analysis of VoIP and Video Traffic over WiMAX Using Different Service Classes (230-241)
Tarik Anouari and Abdelkrim Haqiq
The S2P Learning Model: For the Combination of the Formal and the Personal Dimensions of Learning (242-252)
Salah Eddine Bahji, Youssef Lefdaoui, and Jamila El Alami
PIM-SM Protocol with GRASP-RP Selection Algorithm Based Architecture to Transparent Mobile Sources in Multicast Mobile IPv6 Diffusion (253-272)
Youssef Baddi and Mohamed Dafir Ech-Chrif El Kettani
Object Serialization White Framework in J2ME and its Refactoring in Black Framework (273-285)
Mohammed Mahieddine, Mehdia Ajana El-Khaddar, and Salyha Oukid
A Novel Coverage and Connectivity Preserving Routing Protocol for Mission-Critical Wireless Sensor Networks (286-302)
Said Ben Alla and Abdellah Ezzati
Modelling and Dimensioning of LTE Network  (303-318)
Mohammed Jaloun and Zouhair Guenoun

Vol.9 No.1&2 November 30, 2013       ABSTRACT 

Research Articles:

A Wearable Sensor based Approach to Real-Time Fall Detection and Fine-Grained Activity Recognition (015-026)
Cuong Pham, Nguyen Ngoc Diep, and Tu Minh Phuong
Experimental Results of a MANET Testbed for Different Settings of HELLO Packets of OLSR Protocol (027-038)
Masahiro Hiyama, Shinji Sakamoto, Elis Kulla, Makoto Ikeda, and Leonard Barolli
Recognizing Landscapes: Can We Change the Point of View of Geographic Data? (039-052)
Luigi Barazzetti, Raffaella Brumana, Daniela Oreni, and Fabio Roncoroni
Energy-Aware Passive Replication of Processes (053-065)
Dilawaer Duolikun, Ailixier Aikebaier, Tomoya Enokido, and Makoto Takizawa
Thermographic Analysis from UAV Platforms for Energy Efficiency Retrofit Applications (066-082)
Mattia Previtali, Luigi Barazzetti, Raffaella Brumana, and Fabio Roncoroni

Interactive Mesh Deformation in Multiresolution through Augmented Reality (083-100)
   Renan A. Dembogurski, Rodrigo Luis De Souza Da Silva, Marcelo Bernardes Vieira, and Bruno J. Dembogurski
A Comparison Study of Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithm for Node Placement Problem in Wireless Mesh Networks (101-110)
Shinji Sakamoto, Elis Kulla, Tetsuya Oda, Makoto Ikeda, Leonard Barolli, and Fatos Xhafa
Using the Dual-Level Modeling Approach to Developing Applications in the Pervasive Healthcare Environment (111-127)
Joao L. Cardoso de Moraes, Wanderley Lopes de Souza, Luis Ferreira Pires, Luciana Tricai Cavalini, and Antonio Francisco do Prado
A Hidden Markov Model for Detection & Classification of Arm Action in Cricket Using Wearable Sensors (128-144)
Saad Qaisar, Sahar Imtiaz, Fatma Faruq, Amna Jamal, Wafa Iqbal, Paul Glazier, and Sungyoung Lee
A Mobile Application for Robust Feature Extraction and Cultivar Classification of Leaves (145-154)
Dominik L. Michels and Gerrit A. Sobottka
A Visualization System for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (155-170)
Akio Koyam, Shohei Sato, Leonard Barolli, and Makoto Takiz

Vol.8 No.4 June 20, 2013       ABSTRACT 

Research Articles:

Mobile Cloud Computing and other Mobile Technologies: Survey (241-252)
Amal Abunaser and Sawsan Alshattnawi
Fuzzy Logic and Temporal Information Applied to Video Quality Assessment (253-264)
Carlos D.M. Regis, Jose V. de Miranda Cardoso, Italo de Pontes Oliveira, and Marcelo S. de Alencar
Providing A Data Location Assurance Service for Cloud Storage Environments (265-286)
A. Noman and C. Adams

Vol.8 No.3 November 20, 2012       ABSTRACT 

Research Articles:

Fuzzy Techniques for Access and Data Management in Home Automation Environments (181-203)
Mario Collotta, Vincenzo Conti, Giovanni Pau, Gianfranco Scatà,
and Salvatore Vitabile
End-to-End single and multiple flows fairness in mobile ad-hoc networks (204-224)
Makoto Ikeda
ConDroid: Using an Android Phone as a 3D Input Device for a Multiuser 3D Drawing Application Setup in a Collaborative Virtual Environment over the Web (225-240)
Danish Chopra and Drew Glass

Vol.8 No.2 June 15, 2012       ABSTRACT 

Research Articles:

Recovering Drawing Order of Single-Stroke Handwritten Images Using Probabilistic Tabu Search (073-087)
Takayuki Nagoya and Hiroyuki Fujioka
Analysis of Filed Intensity Distribution in Inhomogeneous Propagation Environment Based on Two-Ray Model (088-104)
Junichi Honda, Kazunori Uchida, and Masafumi Takemats
Study on X-Shaped Photonic Crystal Waveguide (105-113)
Hiroshi Maeda, Yongmei Zhang, and Hiroyuki Terashima
A Tangible 3D Desktop Environment with Force Feedback (114-131)
Yusuke Ouchi, Hiroaki Nishino, Tsuneo Kagawa, and Kouichi Utsumiya
Implicit Context Awareness by Face Recognition (132-148)
Seiji Takeda, Tsutomu Terada, and Masahiko Tsukamoto

Vol.8 No.1 April 15, 2012       ABSTRACT 

Research Articles:

Study and Development of the Transmission Method for Large Multimedia File Size Using MMS Technology (001-024)
Andik Setyono, Md J. Alam, and C. Eswaran
Live Sharing with Multimodal Modes in Mobile Network (025-033)
Xiao Zeng, Kongqiao Wang, and Da Huo

An Energy-adaptive Multiple Paths Routing Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks (034-048)
Jinglun Shi, Kang Cai, Chenghong He, Gang Wei, and Zhilong Shan
Music Visualization Technique of Repetitive Structure Representation to Support Intuitive Estimation of Music Affinity and Lightness (049-071)
Tatiana Endrjukaite and Naoko Kosugi

Vol.7 No.4 April 10, 2012       ABSTRACT 
Recent Advanced Technology for Mobile Multimedia Services

Editorial (237-238)
        Xingang Liu

Research Articles:

SSN: A Seamless Spontaneous Network Design around Opportunistic Contacts (239-255)
Jian-Xiong Yin and Min Chen
Performance Comparison of Airborne Phased-Array and MIMO Radar with Subarrays (256-266)
Yong-Zhe Li, Hui-Yong Li, Jun Li and Zi-Sun He

A Novel Full-reference Video Quality Assessment Metric for Multimedia Broadcasting Systems (267-278)
Xin-Gang Liu, Chao Sun, and Wenjie Yang
Research on the Effect to the Eigen Modes and Effect of Miniaturization of the Metal Cavity Resonators Partly Occupied by a Magnetic-dielectric Composite Material with εr=10 and μr=10 (279-284)
Xiaowei Wang, Jin Pan, and Pengcheng Li
A 3D Interactive System for 3D Display (285-304)
Pei-Jun Lee, Effendi, and Yung-Yen Sun

Vol.7 No.3 September 6, 2011       ABSTRACT 

Research Articles

The Value of Relative Quality in Video Delivery  (151-162)
Vlado Menkovski, Georgios Exarchakos, and Antonio Liotta
A Method for Distance Estimation Using Intra-frame Optical Flow with an Interlace Camera (163-176)
Tsutomu Terada, Yuhki Suzuki, and Masahiko Tsukamoto
Adaptive Broadband Wideo Streaming for IPTV Wireless Access (177-193)
Salah S. Majeed and Martin Fleury
Realization of 3D Virtual World Platform for the Basic Education of Adult Illiterates (194-215)
Tassawar Iqbal, Klaus Hammermüller, and A. Min Tjoa
Resilient Video Stream Switching for Mobile Wireless Channels (216-235)
Mohammad Altaf, Martin Fleury, and Mohammad Ghanbari

Vol.7 No.1&2 April 6, 2011       ABSTRACT 
Mobile Computing Applications and Multimedia Service Quality

Editorial (001-001)
Eric Pardede

Research Articles for the Theme Issues

Personalized Services for Commercial Establishments using PlaSerEs (002-029)
David Marin Diaz, Alejandro Rico Zuluaga, Angela Carrillo-Ramos, María Paula Arias-Báez, and Andrea Barraza-Urbina
Pervasive Language Learning on Modern Mobile Devices (030-050)
Bartholomaus Wloka and Werner Winiwarter
A Usability Study of a Mobile Content Sharing System (051-065)
Alton Y.K. Chua, Dion Hoe-lian Goh, Khasfariyati Razikin, and Ee-Peng Lim
A More Realistic RTP/RTCP-Based Simulation Platform for Video Streaming QoS Evaluation (066-088)
Fernando Boronat, Mario Montagud and Vigent Vidal
Hash Chain Links Resynchronization Methods in Video Streaming Security: Performance Comparison (089-112)
Emad Abd-Elrahman, Mohamed Boutabia, and Hossam Afifi
The Impact of Security on VoIP Call Quality (113-128)
Pedram Radmand, Jaipal Singh, Marc Domingo, Joan Arnedo, and Alex Talevski

Other Research Articles

Solution For TCP-Unfairness In IEEE802.11-based Ad-Hoc Network by Alleviating Exposed Terminal Problem Using Cross Layer Approach (129-133)
Tutun Juhana
Differentiated QoS Based on Cross-layer Optimization in Wireless ad hoc Networks (134-150)
Pejman Goudarzi

Vol.6 No.4 December 1, 2010       ABSTRACT 

Research Articles

Performance Evaluation of Wireless Sensor Networks for Mobile Event and Mobile Sink (281-292)
Tao Yang, Makoto Ikeda, Leonard Barolli, Fatos Xhafa, and Arjan Durresi 
Fault Tolerant Small-World Cellular Neural Networks for Intermitted Faults (293-304)
Katsuyoshi Matsumoto, Minoru Uehara, and Hideki Mori 
Performance Analysis of ROADMs at Peak Traffic in All Optical Network (305-313)
T.S. Indumath, K. Rajaiah, T. Srinivas, and V. Rajappa 
Fingerprint Image Processing and Fuzzy Vault Implementation (314-338)
Nandita Bhattacharjee and Chien Eao Lee 
Enriching the Design and Prototyping Loop: a Set of Tools to Support the Creation of Activity-Based Pervasive Applications (339-360)
Pascal Bruegger, Agnes Lisowska, Denis Lalanne, and Beat Hirsbrunner

Vol.6 No.3 September 1, 2010       ABSTRACT 

Research Articles

A Platform for User Generated Multimedia Communication Services (185-206)
Niklas Blum, Thomas Magedanz, Horst Stein, and Ingo Wolf 
Evaluation on Performer Support Methods for Interactive Performances Using Projector (207-226)
Jun Ikeda, Yoshinari Takegawa, Tsutomu Terada, and Masahiko Tsukamoto 
Application of JXTA-Overlay Platform for Secure Robot Control (227-242)
Evjola Spaho, Keita Matsuo, Leonard Barolli, Fatos Xhafa, Joan Arnedo-Moreno, and Vladi Kolici 
Robustness of Dynamic Social Networks (243-262)
Maytham Safar, Hisham Farahat, and Khaled Mahdi 
Situation Aware Cognitive Assistance in Smart Homes (263-280)
Liming Chen and Chris Nugent

Vol.6 No.2 June 1, 2010       ABSTRACT 
Recent Advances in Mobile and Multimedia Applications
Editorial (095-096)
Antonio Gentile and Salvatore Vitabile

Research Articles

Routing Efficiency in Wireless Sensor-Actor Networks (097-113)
Leonard Barolli, Tao Yang, Gjergji Mino, Fatos Xhafa, and Arjan Durresi 
Node Control Methods To Reduce Power Consumption Using Push-Based Broadcast For Mobile Sesor Networks (114-127)
Takefumi Ogawa, Tatsuya Shinjo, Shinya Kitajima, Takahiro Hara, and Shojiro Nishio 
Collada-Based File Format for Various Attributes of Realistic Objects in Networked VR Applications Supporting Various Peripherals (128-144)
Katsunori Miyahara and Yoshihiro Okada 
A Flexible and Secure Access Control Scheme Using Social Behavior in Real World (145-157)
Debasish Chakraborty,  Satoshi Ogawa, Gen Kitagata, Atushi Takeda, Kazuo Hashimoto, and Norio Shiratori 
Automatic Image Representation and Clustering on Mobile Devices (158-169)
Marco La Cascia, Marco Morana, and Filippo Vella 
Cat-Tail DMA: Efficient Image Data Transport for Multicore Embedded Mobile Systems (170-184)
Senyo Apewokin, Brian Valentine, Linda M. Wills, and Scott Wills

Vol.6 No.1 March 1, 2010       ABSTRACT 
Ubiquitous Service Systems and Technologies
Editorial (001-002)
Yo-Ping Huang and Lei Ye

Research Articles on the Theme Ubiquitous Service Systems and Technologies

Ubiquitous Information Transfer across Different Platforms by QR Codes (003-014)
Yo-Ping Huang, Yueh-Tsun Chang, and Fronde Eika Sandnes 
Activity Inference for RFID-based Assisted Living Applications (015-025)
Judith Symonds, Boon-Chong Seet, and Jingwen Xiong 
Ubiquitous Web for Ubiquitous Environments: The Role of Embedded Semantics (026-048)
Ahmet Soylu, Patrick De Causmaecker, and Fridolin Wild 
Extendible Context-Aware Service System For Mobile Computing (049-062)
Been-Chian Chien, Shiang-Yi He, Hsin-Chan Tsai, and Yuen-Kuei Hsueh 
Motion Extraction via Human Motion Analysis (063-072)
Joseph C. Tsai, Hui-Huang Hsu, Shin-Ming Chang, Ying-Hong Wang, Chia Cheng Chao and Timothy K. Shih

Other Research Article(s)

G2G: Location-aware Mobile Social Networking with Applications in Personalized Recommender Systems (073-094)
Ioannis T. Christou and Sotiris Michalakos

Vol.5 No.4 December 1, 2009       ABSTRACT 

Research Articles

Optimal Channel Selection for Real-Time Multimedia Uplink Transmissions in Ambulances (271-286)  
Ana Goulart, Wei Zhan, and Robert Arnold 
Situated Interaction and Cognition in the Wild, Wild World: Unleashing the Power of Users as Innovators (287-300)  
Hanna Risku, Eva Mayr, and Michael Smuc 
Effective Video Streaming using Mesh P2P with MDC over MANETs (301-316)  
Nadian N. Qadri, Antonio Liotta, Muhammad Altaf, Martin Fleury,  
and Mohammed Ghanbari 
A Hierarchical Network Design Solution for Mobile IPv6 (317-332)  
Vilmos Simon, László Bokor, and Sandor Imre 
Analysis of Temporal Evolution of Social Networks (333-350)  
Khaled Mahdi, Maytham Safar and Hisham Farahat  
On Context-Sensitive Usability Evaluation in Mobile HCI (351-370)  
Karin A. Hummel, Thomas Grill, and Andrea Hess

Vol.5 No.3 September 1, 2009       ABSTRACT 

Survey Article

Quality of Service (QoS) Issues in Multimedia Wireless Network (181-202)  
Sulata Mitra and Mosa A. Abu-Rgheff

Research Articles

Mesh-based P2P Live Video Streaming  with StreamComplete (203-237)  
Federico Covino and Massimo Mecella 
Distributed Scheduling in a Time-Varying Ad Hoc Network (238-254)  
Tina Heikkinen and Ari Hottinen 
A Scheduling Method to Reduce Waiting Time for P2P Streaming Systems (255-270)  
Yusuke Gotoh, Kentaro Susuki, Tomoki Yoshihisa, and Masanori Kanazawa

Vol.5 No.2 June 1, 2009       ABSTRACT 

Research Articles

Analysis of Connectivity and Session Management for Mobile Peer-to-Peer Applications (081-112)  
Otso Kassinen, Timo Koskela, Erkki Harjula, Jukka Riekki, and Mika Ylianttila 
Fault Tolerance in the Mobile Environment (113-124)  
Daniel C. Doolan, Sabin Tabirca, and Laurence T. Yang 
A New Lossy and Lossless Image Representation by using Non-symmetry and Anti-packing Model with Rectangles for Gray Images (125-139)  
Mudar Sarem, Yun-Ping Zheng, and Chuan-Bo Chen 
An Event-Driven Wearable System for Supporting Pit-crew and Audiences on Motorbike Races (140-157)  
Tsutomu Terada, Masakazu Miyamae, Yasue Kishino, Takahito Fukuda, and Masahiko Tsukamoto 
Distributed Information Management and Publish/Subscribe in VANETs (158-180)  
Vivian Prinz, Michele Brocco, and Wolfgang Woerndl

Vol.5 No.1 March 1, 2009       ABSTRACT 
Multimedia Networking and Applications

Editorial (001-002)
Qun Jin and Tomoya Enokido

Research Articles

MPLS Traffic Engineering for Multimedia on Satellite Networks (003-011)  
Arjan Durresi, Mimoza Durresi, Leonard Barolli, and Fatos Xhafa 
Narrowcasting for Articulated Privacy and Attention in SIP Audio Conferencing  (012-028)
Sabbir Alam, Michael Cohen, Julian Villegas, and Ashir Ahmed 
Mobile Music Therapy with Multimedia Quality of Life Supporters for Elderly and Disabled (029-044)  
Nikolay Mirenkov, Kamen Kanev, and Hiroshi Takezawa 
Data Transmission Procedures for a Multi-Source Streaming Model in Mobile Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Overlay Networks (045-063)  
Alireza G. Nemati and Makoto Takizawa 
Deterministic Trust Management in Pervasive Computing (064-080)  
Mieso K. Denko, Tao Sun, and Isaac Woungang

Vol.4 No.3&4  October 1, 2008       ABSTRACT 
Engineering Context-Sensitive Mobile Applications

Editorial (163-164)
Markus Aleksy and Martin Schader

Research Articles in the Theme Issue:

Towards High-Quality Mobile Applications (165-184)  
Pankaj Kamthan 
On Foundation of Engineering Context-sensitive Applications (185-199)  
Lu Yan 
Techniques for the Efficient Resource Management of Context-Sensitive Mobile Applications and Their Utilization in Industrial Field Service (200-209)  
Markus Aleksy, Ralf Gitzel, Gerhard Vollmar, Nicolaie Fantana, Christian Stich, and Makoto Takizawa  
SALSA – a Framework for Context-Sensitive Service Discovery in Mobile Commerce Applications (210-226)  
Colin Atkinson, Philipp Bostan, and Thomas Butter 
Proxy Agents for Adaptive Delivery of Multimedia (227-240)  
Rocco Aversa, Beniamino Di Martino, Nicola Mazzocca, and Salvatore Venticinque 
A Context-Aware Fuzzy-Based Handover System for Wireless Cellular Network and its Performance Evaluation (241-258)  
Leonard Barolli, Junpei Anno, Fatos Xhafa, Arjan Durresi, and Akio Koyama 

Other Research Articles:

Joint Error Concealment and Error Recovery for Consecutive Frame Losses under the unbalanced Multiple Description Coding Architecture (259-274)  
Feng Huang, Lifeng Sun, Bin Li, and Yuzhou Zhong 
An Efficient Error-Robust Wireless Video Transmission (275-292)  
Ghaida A. AL-Suhail 

Vol.4 No.2 June 1, 2008       ABSTRACT 
Mobile Multimedia in the Pervasive Era

Editorial (083-083)
Eric Pardede, David Taniar, Ismail Khalil, and Gabriele Kotsis

Research Articles:

Architecture and Implementation of a trust Model for Pervasive Applications  (084-103)  
Sheikh I. Ahamed, Mohammad Zulkernine, Sailaja Bulusu, and Mehrab Monjur 
Navilite: a Lightweight Indoor Location-Aware Mobile Navigation Service for the Handicapped and the Elderly (104-117)  
Toshihiro Uchibayashi, Bernady O. Apduhan, and Itsujiro Arita 
Architectural and Implementation Issues for a Context-Awar Hypermedia Platform  (118-138)  
Cecilia Challiol, Andres Fortier, Silvia Gordillo, and Gustavo Rossi 
INFOAREA - an Open Multi-Purpose Information System for the Mobile Age  (139-148)  
Christian Vogt, Robert Walter, Jorg Rasinger, and Gunther Specht 
Attitudes Toward the Use and Role of Mobile Telephony: A Comparison of East and West Malaysia  (figures&tables) (149-162)  
Viren Swami, Ismail Maakip, Dhachayani Sinniah, Subash K. Pillai, Ponnusamy Subramaniam, Kumaraswami Kannan, and Adroam Furnham

Vol.4 No.1 March 1, 2008       ABSTRACT 
Multimedia Modeling and Applications

Editorial (001-001)
Mieso K. Denko, Elhadi Shakshuki, and Akio Koyama

Research Articles:

An Agents Based Middleware for Personalization of Multimedia Service Delivery in SOAs (002-018)  
Rocco Aversa, Beniamaino Di Martino, Nicola Mazzocca, and Salvatore Venticinque 
A Rule-based Intelligent Multimedia Streaming Server System (019-041)  
Xiao-Fei Zhou and Kenneth Ong 
Mobile Multimedia for Multiuser Environments (042-058)  
Daniel C. Doolan, Sabin Tabirca, and Laurence T. Yang 
Performance Evaluation of H.264 protocol in Ad hoc Networks (059-070)  
Tarek R. Sheltami 
Network Adaptive Layered Multicast for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (071-082)  
Arjan Durresi, Vamsi Paruchuri, and Leonard Barolli

Vol.3 No.4 December 15, 2007       ABSTRACT 

Editorial (283-284)   
Ismail Khalil

Research Articles:

Image Rate Based Cross Layer Optimizations for Image Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks (285-297)  
Honggang Wang, Dongming Peng, Wei Wang, and Hamid Sharif  
TSFD: Two Stage Frame Dropping for Scalable Video Transmission over Data Networks (298-313)  
Bing Zheng and Mohammed Atiquzzaman  
Performance of a H.264/AVC Error Detection Algorithm Based on Syntax Analysis  (314-330)  
Luca Superiori, Olivia Nemethova, and Markus Rupp  
An Intelligent Call Admission Control System for Wireless Cellular Networks Based on Fuzzy Logic  (331-346)  
Leonard Barolli  
Dual-Execution Mode Processor Architecture For Embedded Applications (347-370)  
Md. Musfiquzzaman Akanda, Ben A. Abderazek, and Masahiro Sowa                       

Vol.3 No.3 September 15, 2007       ABSTRACT 
Advances in Mobile Multimedia Networks and Multimedia Applications

Editorial (197-197)  
Eric Pardede

Research articles:

Using a Spatial Context Authentication Proxy for Establishing Secure Wireless Connections (198-217)  
Rene Mayrhofer and Roswitha Gostner   
Multimedia Flow Mobility in Heterogeneous Networks Using Multihomed Mobile IP (218-234)  
Robert Brännström, Christer Åhlund, Karl Andersson, and Daniel Granlun   
Multi-Feature Integration with Relevance Feedback on 3D Model Similarity Retrieval (235-254)  
Saiful Akbar, Josef Kung, and Roland Wagner   
Bathymetry Forecasting Using Multilayer Spatial Images (255-264)  
Petrus Paryono   
Low Cost Rendering Method for Virtual Factory Considering Interpolation of Occluded Objects (265-282)  
Hiroki Takahashi, Naoyuki Tamura, Toshihiko Furue, and Osamu Yoshie   

Vol.3 No.2 June 15, 2007       ABSTRACT

Editorial (101-102)
        Abdelhakim Hafid, Petre Dini, and Kevin H. Liu  

Research articles:

Efficient JPEG2000 Image Transmission Using RCPT Codes Based on Channel Operating Regions (103-117)  
Weiliang Liu and David G. Daut   
Inter-Domain SLS Negotiation for End-to-End UMTS/IMS QoS (118-130)  
Quoc-Thinh Nguyen-Vuong and Nazim Agoulmine  
Development of an Open Source IMS Core for Emerging IMS Testbeds, the Academia and Beyond (131-149)  
Dragos Vingarzan, Peter Weik, and Tomas Magedanz  
Modeling IMS services (150-167)  
Emmanuel Bertin, Imen Ben Yahia, and Noel Crespi  
Resource Management at Connection Level for Multimedia in Wireless/Mobile Cellular Networks (168-178)  
M. Sanabani, S. Shamala, M. Othman, and Z. Zukarnain  
A Constraint-Based Approach to Dynamically Adapt Multimedia Interfaces (179-196)
Jose M. Oliveira and Eurico M. Carrapatoso                        

Vol.3 No.1 March 15, 2007       ABSTRACT

Editorial (001-002)
        Ismail Khalil       

Research articles:

Mobility Support in IP Multicast: Proposals Review and  Evaluation (003-014)  
        Aisha Hassan, Farhat Anwar and Sufyan Al-Irhayim
On Some Current Results of Graph Theory for ad-hoc Networks
De Marco and Leonard Barolli  
On Asynchronous Training in Sensor Networks
        Qing-Wen Xu, Ruzana Ishak, Stephan Olariu, and Shaharuddin Salleh 
Evaluation of the Delivered MPEG Video Quality over Wireless Channels
        Chih-Heng Ke, Cheng-Han Lin, Ge-Kuen Shieh, Wen-Shyang Huang, Artur Ziviani 
Multimedia Applications for Mobile Devices: Issues and Requirements for Authoring Tools and Development Platforms (065-087)
Daphne Economou, Damianos Gavalas, Michale Kenteris, and Katy Micha
Potentials of SMIL Applications for Mobile Devices
. Stormer and M.E. Ritz 

Vol.2 No.4 December 15, 2006       ABSTRACT
Mobile Multimedia Networking and Context-Aware Computing

Editorial (ppi-ii)
        Hui-Huang Hsu, Marios C. Angelides, and Timohy K. Shih                       

Research articles:
Distributed Coordination Protocols to Realize Scalable MultimediaStreaming in Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks (pp283-296)
         Tomoya Enokido, Youhei Tanaka, Satoshi Itaya, and Makoto Takizawa 
Client-Centric Usage Environment Adaptation Using MPEG-21 (pp297-310)
         Anastasis A. Sofokleous and Marios C. Angelides 
Resource Adaptation for Mobile AV Devices in the UPnP QoS Architecture (pp311-326)
         Michael Ditze 
Performance Evaluation of Real-Time Transport with Link-layer Retransmissions in Wired/Wireless Networks (pp327-343)
         Panagiotis Papadimitriou and Vassilis Tsaoussidis 
Qos-Energy Aware Broadcast for Heterogeneous Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (pp344-358)
          Arjan Durresi, Vamsi Paruchuri, Mimoza Durresi, and Leonard Barolli 
GUARD: a GUide, Alarm, Recovery and Detection System on a Wireless Sensor Network for the Blind (pp359-370)
         Huan-Chao Keh, Kuei-Ping Shih, Chih-Yung Chang, Huang-Chang Chen, and Chien-Min Chou  

Vol.2 No.3 September 15, 2006       ABSTRACT
IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

Editorial (pp187-188)
        Abdelhakim Hafid, Petre Dini, and Kevin H. Liu                       

Research articles:
Practical Experiences with an IMS-aware Location Service Enabler on Top of an Experimental Open Source IMS Core Implementation (pp189-224)
         Peter Reichl, Sandford Bessler, Joachim Fabini, Rydikf Pailer, Akexabder Poropatich, Norbert Jordan, Rainer Huber, Hannes Weisgrab, Christoph Brandner, Ivan Gojmerac, Michael Ries, and Florian Wegscheider 
Development of IMS Privacy & Security Framework for Open IMS Fokus Testbed (pp225-258)
         Muhammad Sher and Thomas Magedanz   
Modeling of IMS Call Flows: Load Estimation for Core Network (pp259-282)
         B. Falchuk, D. Shallgross, K.R. Krishnan, R. Morera, and S. Loeb

Vol.2 No.2 June 15, 2006       ABSTRACT

Editorial (pp097-097)
        Ismail Khalil                          

Research articles:
Content Adaptation Based Approach for Ubiquitous Multimedia (pp098-111)
        Hai-Peng Wang, Zhi-Wen Yu, Xing-She Zhou, Tao Zhang, and Dong Xiang 
Content Adaptation on mobile devices using MPEG (pp112-123)
        Anastasis A. Sofokleous and Marios C. Angelides
Bazaar: A Middleware for Physical World Abstraction (pp124-145)
        Kaori Fujinami and Tatsuo Nakajima
Listening Comprehension of English Second Language with Mobil Devices (pp146-165)
        Mahieddine Djoudi
A Novel Approach for Improving the Quality of Service for Wireless Video Transcoding (pp167-186)
        Ashraf M.A. Ahmad and Suh-Yin Lee                                                                     

Vol.2 No.1 March 15, 2006       ABSTRACT

Editorial (pp001-001)
        David Taniar       

Research articles:
GPRS-Based Mobile Telemedicine System (pp002-022)
        Bryan Woodward, M.Fadlee A. Rasid, Lawrence Gore and Paul Atkins
Ditis: Virtual Collaborative Teams for Home Healthcare (pp023-036)
        Andreas Pitsillides, George Samaras, Barbara Pitsillides, Do,pstjemos Georgiades, Panayiotis Andreou, and Eleni Christodoulou
Information Summarization and Transcoding of Biomedical Resources for Mobile Handheld Devices (pp037-051)
        Bambang Parmanto, Andi Saptono and Lijing Song
Non-Invasive Method for Patient-Specific Virtual Heart Based on Fiber-Fluid Model (pp052-080)
        S.Y. Tan, Selvanathan Narainasamy, and Somasundaram Nagappan
An Improvement of Multimedia Data Downstream with PDA in an Infrastructure Network (pp081-096)
        Hye-Sun Hur and Youn-Sik Hong                         

Vol.1 No.4 January 15, 2006       ABSTRACT
Advanced Mobil Technologies for Health Care Applications

Editorial (pp271-272)
        Aura Ganz, Robert S.H. Istepanian, and Ozan K. Tonguz

Research articles:
Design and Implementation of a Mobile Diabetes Management System (pp273-284)
        Ying Zou, Robert S.H. Istepanian, Xin-Heng Wang, and Tom Geake
Telemedicine for Disaster Relief: A Novel Architecture (pp285-306)
        S. Olariu, K. Maly, E.C. Foudriat, C.M. Overstreet, S.M. Yamany, and T. Luckenbach
System Architecture of WBAN for Ubiquitous Health Monitoring (pp307-326)
        Chris Otto, Aleksandar Milenkovic, Corey Sanders, and Emil Jovanov
Subjective Quality of Mobile MPEG-4 Videos with Different Frame Rates (pp327-341)
        Sheliey Buchinger and Helmut Hlavacs 
On Transport Layer Mechanisms for Real-Time QoS (pp342-363)
        Panagiotis Papadimitriou and Vassilis Tsaoussidis

Authors Index of Vol.1 (pp364-364)

Vol.1 No.3 September 25, 2005       ABSTRACT
Mobile Multimedia Computing and Communications

Editorial (pp179-179)
        Chih-Yung Chang and Jjian-Hua Ma  

Research articles:
Design of a Hierarchical Group to Realize a Scalable Group (pp180-197)
        Yasutaka Nishimura, Naohiro Hayashibara, Tomoya Enokido, and Makoto Takizawa
A New VOD Technique to Support Client Mobility (pp198-210)
        Katsuhiko Sato, Michiaki Katsumoto, and Tetsuya Miki
Round-Robin with FCFS Preemption: A Simple MAC Scheduling Scheme for Bluetooth Piconet (pp211-223)
        Li-Hsing Yen and Chi-Hung Liao
Scalable Inter-Vehicle Communication Protocol (pp224-234)
        Mimoza Durresi, Arjan Durresi, and Leonard Barolli
Hierarchical Semantic-Based Index for Ad Hoc Image Retrieval (pp235-254)
        Bo Yang and Ali R. Hurson  
PATH: A Software Framework for Interactive Visualization of Behavior History (pp255-269)
        Masaki Ito, Jin Nakazawa, and Hideyuki Tokuda

Vol.1 No.2 June 25, 2005       ABSTRACT

Editorial (pp091-091)
        David Taniar   

Research articles:
Gesture Interaction for Small Handheld Devices to Support Multimedia Applications (pp092-111)
        Jani Mäntyjärvi, Sanna Kallio, Panu Korpipää, Juha Kela and Johan Plomp  
From Motion to Emotion: A Wearable System for the Multimedia Enrichment of A Butoh Dace Performance (pp112-132)
        Michael Barry, Juerg Gutknecht, Irena Kulka, Paul Lukowicz and Thomas Stricker
Human Face Animation Based on Video Analysis, with Applications to Mobile Entertainment (pp133-148)
        John S.-S. Tang, Alan W.-C. Liew and Hong Yan
Efficient Image Indexing and Retrieval over Mobile Devices (pp149-160)
        Simon So  
Visualizing Pain Data for Wheelchair Users: A Ubiquitous Approach (pp161-177)
        Tacha Serif, Gheorghita Ghinea and Andrew O. Frank

Vol.1 No.1 March 25, 2005       ABSTRACT

Editorial (pp001-002)
        David Taniar, Jian-Hua Ma, Ismail Khalil, and Kevin H. Liu       

Research articles:
MUVA: a Flexible Visualization Architecture for Multiple Client Platforms (pp003-017)
        Lea Skorin-Kapov, Hrvoie Komericki, Maja Matijasevic, Igor Pandzic and Miran Mosmondor
Combining Location-Aware Mobile Phone Applications and Multimedia Messaging (pp018-032)
        Jonna Häkkilä and Jani Mäntyjärvi
An Implementation of Location-Aware Multimedia Information Download to Mobile System (pp033-046)
        Philip K.C. Tse, W.K. Lam, K.W. Ng and Christopher Chan
Road Talk: a Roadside Location-Dependent Audio Message System for Car Drivers (pp047-061)
        Mattias Östergren and Oskar Juhlin
Dynamic Multimedia Templates for Users of Wireless Pervasive Computing Devices (pp062-090)
        Edouard Ma Poon and Deng-Jyi Chen