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*Apelin Receptor as... Peiran Yang  
*Quantum Optics... Moya-Cessa/Soto-Eguibar  
*Differential Equations ... Moya-Cessa/Soto-Eguibar
Controlling Seismic Hazard ... ed Tang
*Electronic Information... ed Gan/Wang  
Topics of Modern Optics
Solutions on Magnetism ...Chudnovsky...
*Oracle Form Development... Taniar/Lim
Relativity for the Mind: ... Johnson

*Lectures on Magnetism Chudnovsky/Tejada
Exercises in Math Physics Liu/Wang
*Computational Methods ... Bonitz/Semkat         more


  Journal of Data Intelligence

4 issues since 2020


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  Quantum Information & Computation

7 Issues/year for 2001-06
8 Issues for 2007
10 Issues for 2008
12 Issues for 2009-13
16 Issues since 2014

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  Journal of Web Engineering   

4 issues per year for 2002-12
5 Issues for 2013
6 Issues for 2014-2016
8 Issues since 2017
being continued at here from July 2018.

JWE Online

  Journal of Mobile Multimedia

4 issues per year since 2005

A River Publishers Publication since 2018

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